Stadin is an engineering consulting company specializing in:

  1. Structural Engineering
  2. Earthquake Engineering
  3. Geotechnical/Foundation Engineering
  4. Value Engineering/VE
  5. Evaluating Existing Structures
  6. Retrofitting Existing Structures
  7. Structural & Geotechnical Engineering Advisor

The projects cover almost all types of structures: residences, shophouses, malls/supermarkets, apartments, hotels, offices, hospitals, mosques, churches, bridges, silos, and various types of industrial projects using concrete structure, prestressed concrete and/or steel structure.

Stadin’s scope of work includes all of the design stage i.e the preliminary design stage, design development stage, detail engineering design stage, tender stage and construction stage. We design every project to meet the basic requirements/criteria i.e strength, stiffness, constructability and last but NOT least economical design…!

In short, we design it professionally…!