Stadin Ownership

One of Sadin’s differentiators is our ownership structure and transition process. Ownership succession planning is a new policy in Stadin. The main objective of our ownership transition plan is to ensure the firm’s continued success and growth as our leadership evolves and grows.

It must motivate and reward owners looking to redeem their ownership stake, those looking to continue to hold their stock, and new owners who will take responsibility for the future success of the firm. We feel that our current plan motivates and incentivizes these three groups to collaborate to achieve the long-term goals of the firm. Highlights of our plan include:

The board of directors selects candidates for new shareholders based on the individuals’ performance, commitment to the future of the firm, and potential for leadership development.

New owners buy shares annually, with many acquiring shares over a period of many years.

Owners divest their shares on a pre-established schedule. Some choose to remain employees after they have redeemed all their shares.